IT Services may include the following services:

re-active Add/Fix Supplemental IT for when you NEED it,

pro-active Managed IT support and services to make sure you don’t,

or a combination with our Hybrid IT – perfect for your small business.


Managed services benefits network services include third-party software backup applications such as Office 365, Microsoft Utah, G-Suite, SaaS Backups, Wasatch Software’s, Microsoft Downgrading and Uploading.


Another important consideration for IT Support plans is BDR or Backup Device and Recovery is at the core of our service to you and the best way to minimize downtime for your business. BDR tools conduct a non-invasive scan of your network, assessing parameters such as bandwidth requirements, download speeds, the amount of data currently being stored, remaining storage, and what type and level of back-up is maintained and firewall monitoring, internet monitoring, and internet security on each computer in the network. Each system will generate IT documentation allowing you tools to participate in managed outsourcing services.


Depending on the level of service you ask, IT support companies might scan your network for risks and changes to vulnerability and apply security patches remotely for you. They will also simulate Mock BDR tests both on location and remotely to ensure optimum service for your business.


Hybrid IT provides a mix of pro-active and re-active support designed for low maintenance customers who need the quickest response and highest level support when the need arises. VIP hourly rates apply for technical support and engineer support, with discounted pre-paid block hour options available.


In case you pick supplemental IT through fixed rates, your IT support company has to establish fixed rates, and based upon that, multiply the rate per the number of hours implemented to get the total amount of money you will need to pay. Sometimes, fixed rates may change depending on the complexity of the service or a mouth-to-mouth agreement between both parties.


Re-active Add/Fix Supplemental IT

This service is for immediate IT needs, providing support when issues arise unexpectedly.

Pro-active Managed IT Support

This service involves ongoing management and monitoring of IT systems to prevent issues before they occur. This is paid monthly or annually depending on the company. 


But also, it may include: 


Hybrid IT

A combination of re-active and pro-active support, tailored for small businesses that require both immediate assistance when issues arise and ongoing IT management.


Hybrid IT Support Rates:

For those opting for Hybrid IT, there are VIP hourly rates for technical and engineer support, with options for discounted pre-paid hours.

Supplemental IT Fixed Rates

If you choose supplemental IT, the company will establish fixed rates based on the number of hours worked, which may vary depending on the service complexity or agreements made.


Add/Fix Supplemental IT

  • Dell Business Class Servers and Workstations
  • Computer Repair and Tune-ups
  • Disaster Recovery and Backups
  • Network Assessment
  • Network Monitoring
  • Server & Network Designand Implementation
  • QuickBooks
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Network Security and Next Generation Firewalls
  • Zero Day Cyber-Warfare security and protection
  • System Setup – Troubleshooting


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