The Value of Our Time… How to Increase It and Our CEO’s Comments

The proposed value of YOUR time:


Gay Hendricks, author of The Big Leap shares this story bout a high-level consultant friend of his regarding “The zone of incompetence.” This zone is made up of all the activities we are not good at.


“Surprisingly, many successful people persist in wasting time and energy in doing things for which they have no talent… You might be surprised how much time you spend operating in this zone. When you free yourself from this zone, you’ll be rewarded with a remarkable new feeling of energy and zest for living. The best way to handle most things in your zone of incompetence is to avoid doing them altogether and delegate them to somebody else.”  What is incompetence for one person, is a passion for another.



The author goes on to share this story:


“I got a call one night from my friend Thomas, a business consultant. He told me he spent a frustrating weekend installing a new $1,000 printer. Most frustrating for him was the 4 hours he spent on the phone with the technical support from the maker of the printer. I happen to know he’s just about as unskilled as I am at mechanical things. I also know his business revenue is $10,000 per day and his hourly revenue is $1,000/hour.”


“I asked him how many hours in total he has spent wrestling with the new printer. 13 he said, sounding a bit sheepish. ‘Hmm, I said. You spent $13,000 trying to install a $1000 printer. Did you ever get it working?’ No, I hired somebody and they got it working in under an hour.”


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The SOS Support value proposition:


I really like this story because it hits home with some team training we have been having: understanding the value of our time, and the value we bring. Our team is EXCEPTIONAL. Our service delivery team and technical team are amazing. Our processes and morning huddles are efficient.


What I want is for our team to recognize how amazing they really are, and the value they truly bring. This team is SMART. And they have a knack for fixing things or knowing how to find the answer to get things fixed. Because it comes so naturally to a competent IT Support technician, it’s so easy for us to “discount” ourselves on the value we provide. The more complex the issue is, the more motivated we are to dig in – because the easy things are just… “easy”… BUT the flipside paradigm we are encouraging is – What comes easy for us, may come hard for others! It’s not the “how” but the “what and the why” we do what we do.


Yes, an I.T. issue fix that might take us only a few minutes or hours might seem like a walk in the park – but for a client who is reliant on the I.T. to work and to help their business generate revenue, it’s way more than outside looking in.


Take a $1,000,000 revenue company with 8 employees. 1 day of downtime is easily worth 1,000,000 / 2080, multiplied by 8 hours in a day, add in the employees on salary costs, and we are now at $5,446 in combined lost revenue + cost of employees per day.


If I could define the SOS Support value proposition in only a few short paragraphs, that would be it.


Your Business Value:


I know everybody we work with is top of their class in what they do. Sure, there are plenty of businesses out there that may do what yours does. But you would not be around if you were no good, didn’t care, and didn’t do things the right way!


I appreciate every person at every business we support because they are inspirational to all of us. We are “standing on the shoulders of giants” – and our clients are the “giants” that we respect and strive for greatness with. Without you, there would be no us.


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