$25 Secure Home Office Package


Let your employees work in the comfort of their homes and rest easy with our support system. Get Phone Call Solutions, Remote Meeting Solutions, or any tech-related needs, and trust us to get you the support you need. Let us make your employee’s shifts easier and more comfortable. SOS Support IT Support Done Better!


Some businesses are starting effective immediately and some are preparing for requirements to work from home. Now with public school shutdowns, more and more of us are working from home. We may be days away from a mandatory or elective quarantine where workers are suggested or required to be home. So, it’s best to plan for the worst.


Working from home and connecting to your business network brings an array of security concerns in and of itself. Your home network is not protected behind a corporate firewall, and it shouldn’t be unless your handling medical information or compliance information directly on the home computer. We have created a package that hits the minimum requirement for home office security.


Remote VPN access to Business (where available)
SOS Guardian
Webroot Managed Antivirus
Huntress Labs Zero-Day Protection


Loaner pre-installed computers will be made available on a first come /first served basis.

(additional fee may apply)

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    Phone Call Solutions


    For phone calls, consider talking to your telephone provider about the compatibility of being able to bring your office phone to the home or if a “soft-phone” app is available from the home computer or mobile phone. This way when your employees are dialing out it shows your company name, or when customers are calling the business, it rings at their home office. If you need a telephone partner, we have good connections.


    Remote Meeting Solutions


    Office 365 use Microsoft Teams
    Google Gsuite use Hangouts
    All others, consider a subscription to Zoom for virtual meetings.


    If you don’t already use any of these applications, you may benefit with some training on them. If this is the case simply contact us and we can help you. Additional licensing may be necessary.


    With the correct preparation, we can all get through this.

    Sending your employees home to a secure home office is a great solution to a bad situation.


    If you have any questions, call us, we can help 801-563-9700

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