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Remote Network Monitoring – SOS Guardian

With limited staff, 24/7 tech support can be a very expensive option. SOS|Support offers a remote support solution with SOS|Guardian. SOS|Guardian is a tool installed on computers and servers that give remote support by monitoring 24/7.

Benefits of Using SOS|Guardian:

  • Remote support ability
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Weekly email status updates on all computers
  • Instant notification sent to SOS|Support of server going down or virus detected
  • 24/7 client enabled status dashboard accessible online

SOS|Remote Support

70-80% of problems and issues with computers and networks can be resolved remotely.  Fixing these problems with SOS|Remote Support by eliminating travel time and other unnecessary expense, saves time and money for our clients.


Benefits of Using SOS|Remote Support:

  • Remote support handles 70-80% of problems and issues can be resolved remotely
  • This saves time and money for our clients which adds value to our services
  • We can often be connected within 30 minutes remotely for support tickets.

SOS|Guardian is based on first class technology with dozens of leading software awards

We offer packages to make IT simple

Though we are completely agile and flexible, we offer packages that take the guesswork out of selecting services.