Wireless Site Surveys & Heat Mapping

Wireless Network Site Surveys & Heatmapping

A wireless network site survey is an indispensable segment of any planning and design process of wireless network implementation or upgrade. Comprehensive wireless surveys performed by industry professionals provide valuable information, including the feasibility of a network at the selected site.

Without a professional wireless network site survey, companies run a high risk of installing wireless networks that simply fail to meet intended performance levels.

SOSSupport will audit your existing wireless network and provide long-term solutions that work.

Here at SOSSupport, we deploy highly experienced network specialists to conduct wireless surveys. To ensure optimal wireless coverage, our wireless specialists use a various set of tools that provide a complete understanding of radio frequency behavior throughout a particular area. We also make use of network analyzer software and a combination of techniques, to eliminate signal overlap and RF interference, as part of the optimization process.

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wireless network heatmap
Our site-survey services are helpful to locate & address the following:

  • Wireless network dead spots
  • Security holes
  • RF Interference
  • Data throughput issues
  • Misbehaving access points

Furthermore, upon completion of the survey, the following documentation will be submitted to you for use in troubleshooting unforeseen issues or future network expansions.

  • Heat Maps of radio frequency range
  • Measurement of radio frequency interference
  • Diagnosis of existing wireless connectivity issues


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