Jason Kidman

President & Consultant


Jason has over 18+ years of professional IT & Technology Experience; and 15 years of Business & Consulting leadership experience, with a proven track record for building and optimizing strong Client and Partner relationships. Jason’s key function is to insure our team is enabled with the best staff and our clients are enabled with the best possible support. Attention to detail and follow through have been key to the growth of SOS|Support.


Scott Gentry

VP of Operations &
Business Development


Scott is really good at writing bios and I’m sure will write one soon.


Ryan Waddell

IT Technical Support Specialist


Ryan is an extremely hard worker and always goes above and beyond what is expected of him. He strives to build a great relationship with our clients. His exceptional attention to detail and over a decade of professional experience set Ryan apart from other I.T. specialists in Utah.

Ryan was instrumental in the downtown Salt Lake City Creek IT deployment including managing a team of 60 technicians.


Michael Brough

IT Support Specialist


Michael is really good at writing bios and I’m sure will write one soon.


Corbin Brown

IT Support Specialist


Corbin is really good at writing bios and I’m sure will write one soon.


Keith Willis, M.S.

IT Engineer III


Keith is our Senior Engineer and Master Architect and is an expert in Strategically Modular™ Planning. He is an expert at everything technology. He has the ability to look at a system and see the weak points, and where it can be strengthened. With over two decades of IT experience across thousands of customers and hundreds of technology hardware and software platforms, Keith KNOWS what will work
and what won’t. Plus, he will help you translate this to your Managers for their understanding and buy in. He lives and breathes quality and win-win-win solutions.


Paul Daniel

IT Engineer II


Paul is our Senior Engineer and Systems Specialist. With two decades in the tech industry, he has seen it all. He is available for questions, as well as working with you on your challenges and projects. Paul has managed IT teams and departments and can assist you in dealing with your Team’s questions and challenges. In addition, Paul understands budget constraints and works tirelessly to bring our clients’ projects in on time and within budget. He embraces our win-win—win culture and supports you by delivering excellence… on time


Josh Levitt

IT Engineer II


Josh is our Level 2 Engineer and is our day to day high level engineer support. Josh’s technical knowledge is broad and deep with years in the industry both at the SMB and Enterprise
levels. He is a favorite with customers because of his ability to put them at ease while getting to the nature of their questions quickly. His customer service skills rank as expert and he is meticulous in providing solid documentation and follow up. Josh is firmly committed to our win-win-win culture and works tirelessly to meet customer requirements.


Tad Evans

IT Engineer


Tad is really good at writing bios and I’m sure will write one soon.


Courtney Snarr

Client Support


Courtney brings a combined 20+ years of customer service experience and raising children to teenage years! Courtney is pro-active and a joy to be around. Her #1 goal is to head up the 20 minute response time for all communications coming into SOS for IT support requests. She is an extremely hard worker with a happy and eager to help work ethic.


Crystal Painter

Service Delivery Manager


SOS Support has one of the most demanding back-offices of the IT Support industry in Utah. Size for size, SOS Support demands more client relations, client follow up, and over-sight of the health of client networks and demands. Crystal Painter brings a high level project management background help navigate the growth of the company. Crystal also brings a unique organized skill set to the company to help the business stay organized in its “happy to help” complexity of systems and processes.


Madison Hollingsworth

Billing & Bookkeeping Specialist


Madison is really good at writing bios and I’m sure will write one soon.


Tyler Kidman

IT Support Maintenance Specialist


SOS Support has been pro-active since the company inception in 2004 with preventative maintenance, Operating System patches, updates and more. Tyler’s attention to detail and extreme level of organization and scheduling allow him to provide strategic maintenance and service behind the scenes for our clients. Tyler has over 5 years of IT experience.


Greg Prawitt

Sr. Level Data Engineer


Greg comes to SOS providing an expert service with over 30 years of professional experience and a military background. Greg is dependable, professional and one of the best in the industry. Greg brings his expertise to anything from small troubleshooting projects to complete network overhauls.


Tatiana Rivers

Social Media


Tatiana comes to the team as social media and blogging expert. Tatiana’s early career began in the culinary world where she owned an event catering company and cafe. As a business owner the importance of an effective marketing campaign resonated with her strongly, in particular social media. She loves blogging and creating graphics.

Having the perspective of what it means to run a business, and the challenges that come with it, provides Tatiana with unique insights as an Account & Media Manager. She can put herself in the shoes of her clients and with this understanding creates personalized campaigns that will increase their online presence and grow their business.