July, Independence day. A special ask to our incredible team member.


A special ask below, on behalf of our employee… But first, some context:

What you may or may not understand about SOS|Support is how seriously we take a proactive support approach to all clients.

On a monthly basis, we provide:
• SOS|Guardian reports, with an executive summary and a score of your current I.T.
• Compliance reports we review and remediate from
• SaaS reports understanding how efficiency is being managed
• Lifecycle reports to understand the aging of systems (and in some cases warranty status)
• Firewall Management reports
• Breach & Intrusion reporting
Beyond the reports, here are some labor-intensive services we do regularly:
• Our team is proactively engaged in the backend performing patch management, application updates, driver updates, firmware updates, etc. for clients that have this service (REPLY here to ask if yours does if you are unsure).
• This involves evaluating every computer on a regular basis and performing updates
• Intensive workstation proactive support
• This involves evaluations of every system on who needs what. This also involves regular remediation of anything found.
• Morning huddle in our tech team to discuss issues and patterns if applicable.
• We perform a mid-month report on all Fully Managed clients to see how many hours we have put in and see who needs more love.
How this sets us apart:
• The most PROFITABLE way to do what we do is to lock a company into a long-term contract and then do as “little” as possible. This is NOT what we do.
• We are the OPPOSITE. We on the other hand get a contract and we do all we can to not just have a “contract” but to have a client for life… 10 years, 15 years….. We have had a client (Dr. Brian Brzowski!) for going on 20 years, since 2004.
• We invest in employees to work behind the scenes to do ALL the work needed to keep endpoints safe and patched as noted above.
• Our overhead is higher on a per-system basis because we do not strictly rely on AI and Automation – the industry is not there yet. There still needs some manual level of involvement.
This leads me to bring up and highlight Hendrick Castillo. Hendrick is a full-time employee and is responsible for and works tirelessly on getting all these computers evaluated on a granular level and remediation and patching. Hendrick and his wife Andrea are expecting their first baby, and her name will be Greece. Andrea is 8 months along. The baby has some very difficult diagnosis and they can use all the help they can get.

Tawna White at our office has set up a GoFundMe. Please, if you can, donate. Any help is appreciated whether it’s as little as $5 or more!

Hendrick has never taken any personal issues to the job. He has no idea I am sending this and would likely ask not to be put in the spotlight. He always has a positive attitude of gratitude and happy to help anybody and is always willing to put others first.

Here is the GoFundMe Link:



To finalize this message, I want to shed light on a crucial aspect of cybersecurity—specifically related to keeping your computers patched and up to date. This is purely informational, and as I mentioned above we understand its our job to do this on many client’s behalf. With the ever-evolving threat landscape, it is essential to remain proactive in protecting your valuable data and systems from potential vulnerabilities.

Why is it important?

Security: Software developers regularly release patches and updates to address newly discovered vulnerabilities. By installing these updates promptly, you fortify your computers against known security risks, making it harder for cybercriminals to exploit weaknesses in your systems.

Protection Against Malware: Malware developers often target outdated software as an entry point into your systems. By keeping your computers up to date, you reduce the risk of falling victim to malware attacks and ensure that your antivirus software can effectively defend against emerging threats.

Bug Fixes and Enhancements: Updates not only address security issues but also fix bugs, improve system stability, and introduce new features. By staying up to date, you can benefit from performance enhancements, usability improvements, and an overall smoother computing experience.

How can you keep your computers up to date?

Enable Automatic Updates: Configure your operating system and software to automatically download and install updates. This ensures that critical security patches and bug fixes are applied promptly without requiring manual intervention.

Stay Informed: Regularly check for updates and security advisories from software vendors, as they may release updates outside of the automatic update cycle. Subscribe to their mailing lists or follow their official websites to receive important notifications.

Third-Party Applications: Remember that it’s not just the operating system that needs updating. Keep third-party applications, such as web browsers, office suites, and media players, up to date as well. These applications can also have vulnerabilities that need to be patched. This is one aspect of where our compliance tool really helps.

Test Updates: If you have a complex IT infrastructure or use specialized software, it’s wise to test updates on a small scale before deploying them across your entire network. This helps ensure compatibility and minimize any potential disruptions.

Work with IT Professionals: Consider engaging the expertise of IT professionals who can assist in managing and maintaining your computer systems. They can help implement a robust patch management strategy tailored to your specific needs.

By making the effort to keep your computers patched and up to date, you play an active role in safeguarding your business against cyber threats. Remember, a strong defense is the best offense when it comes to cybersecurity.

Stay secure, stay vigilant!


Mailing Address Change:
Please send all mail correspondence to the following address and no longer to the Draper PO Box.

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