Here are a few case studies that highlight some of the expertise work SOS|Support has completed with details on the Challenge, our Approach and the Results

Intermountain Neurology poses one of the most challenging network overhauls.


The Challenge:

Intermountain Neurology and Skyline Pain Clinic (Referred hereafter as INC) is a leading Pain and Neurology clinic in northern Utah.  Running an old version of GE Centricity Practice Manager (PM), the clinic was in desperate need to upgrade. The hardware was out dated, existing routing cables have been patched together in a re-active manner, making a non-manageable networking hub.  Multiple computers were slow, inefficient, and contained many viruses.  To top it all off, the network Firewall was located behind some power supplies making it impossible to access without dropping the internet in the clinic.

Our Approach:

Due to the complexity of this project, we had to approach it in multiple workflows. We first developed a report and met with the owner and Practice Administrator to go over each phase. The 7 phase approach included activating a HIPAA compliant firewall, upgrading the networking closet, and upgrading multiple servers with a Virtual Server Host running five Server operating systems.

Their server closet required a major overhaul to maintain organization and efficiency. With the team and expertise at SOS|Support we were able to inspect the complete routing of the cables. Utilizing what was already there and only replacing what was absolutely necessary, our goal was to install a Server Rack, updated patch panels, and a beautiful wire management system. Casey, our network specialist said “it was one of the trickiest jobs in the recent past.”

While this project was under way, we had already begun consulting with GE and the Client and establishing the proper specifications for a new Server. Working with our Dell Premier Server Consulting team, GE Support, and SOS|Support’s server specialists, we were able to clearly define a final product and custom order.


The Results:

After a lot of detailed meticulous planning, hard work, and implementation, over a period of 2 months all these phases were completed. Our Level 3 support engineer’s were able to upgrade the GE Centricity CPS system from version 6 to version 11, keeping a need for GE Support out of the project thereby saving the client upwards of $4000 in GE support fees. This alone was an incredible accomplishment.

The server closet turned out great. We separated the VOIP phone systems from the Computer Data Network and improved performance on both systems. The network is now HIPAA compliant and top level security is now fully engaged.  The end result is truly something to be proud of. SOS|Support is happy to now be serving Intermountain Neurology and Skyline Pain Clinic providing top level support including SOS|Guardian services to systems for remote support, SOS|Backup for offsite backup of the companies most critical data according to HIPAA standards. Also implemented was a gold standard Email System through Google Apps for Business.

Since implementing the upgrades and through an efficient Practice Administrator, the client’s needs for technical support has decreased, the appearance of new viruses and malware has diminished, and employee efficiency has gone up substantially. “SOS|Support has done a great job in upgrading our system and making us more efficient” says Debbie Henderson, Practice Administrator. “We are impressed with the detailed and efficient approach of our new I.T. company.”

Southwest Family Medicine


The Challenge:

Southwest Family Medicine is a established Family Medical Practice in West Jordan. We were first introduced to them through Jordan River Family Medicine, another well established Practice in South Jordan. The first call to action was a complete system down. We went in and first thing noticed was the age of the equipment and the patched pieces throughout the years. We also noticed right away the servers were from approximately 2005 (Network Control System) and 2007 (Medical Record System).

Once of the hard drives was also out of commission. The client was running a backup nightly to a pre-configured backup set.


Our Approach:

We had to take this in multiple phases: 1) get the client back and running ASAP. 2) Establish a short term resolution for reliable operations 3) Overhaul the server closet and 4) Design a new infrastructure from the ground up for future growth and higher speed and efficiency.

Initially we quickly tore out all the existing networking cables, and network switch. We installed a new network switch, Server network card, router and all new patch cables temporarily. We were able to get them back online. We then established a short term resolution which worked successfully.

All of the cabling was like a spiderweb. We came in over a weekend and installed a half server rack on the wall and installed a new Dell Powerconnect 48 port switch. We also move all their phone lines to be VOIP ready in case they choose a VOIP option in the future to save the client future costs. At the end of phase 3 the server closet looked impeccable, and would only look better in the near future.

Phase 4 consisted of alot of homework, determining the best short and long term solution. We chose to recommend an upgraded Firewall which provides Content Filtering, Antivirus and Antimalware and a HIPAA compliant advanced Firewall feature set. We chose to recommend a Dell server which would be virtualized into 5 servers including the new network controller and a beefy new Medical Records server. We also were able to provide a dedicated file and print server and a fast Remote Desktop system for the providers and staff to login through a VPN.


The Results:

Southwest Family Medicine network overhaul was a complex task but was fun and accomplished in every phase. We love to see efficiency and reliability increases. They now have the specifications met for years of growth and scalability. Also we have a network infrastructure that we can maintain and support at a high level!

Since implementing the upgrades and with the help of Lorrie, the Practice Administrator, their needs for more costly technical support have decreased. “Jason and his team have been fantastic! Our office had to do a complete overhaul on our computer system. It has made all the difference in the world and was done in a timely manner. “

Plumbing Utah


The Challenge:

Plumbing Utah Team

Plumbing Utah LLC. are experts in plumbing & HVAC heating and air.  As they started to rapidly grow, they recognized the need for a good business plan around their critical company data. Being experts in all things Plumbing, they knew the importance of finding experts in IT and reached out to SOS Support for help. In our assessment we immediately realized they didn’t have any form of backup in place. Plumbing Utah was running at a very high risk for disaster from possible ransomware, viruses, and data loss. In addition, most of their computer systems were running so poorly it was costing the company time and money.

Our Approach:

Server Rack

New Rack, Servers, Panels, Switch Installation

After meeting with the Owner Brandon Taylor, we put together a plan to improve every aspect of their technological needs. In our assessment, it was important that we considered how their business runs, what is working, and the areas where we could make a real difference in their profitability, security and performance.  After careful consideration of their needs, our first priority was to make sure their all-important company data was secure and redundantly backed up on-site as well as securely in the cloud.

We then demo’d the shelves in the closet to make room for the new 4 post server rack and turned the storage closet into an I.T. closet. Before this, the modem, router, switches etc. were all just sitting on the shelves with no labeling or organization. As part of this project we implemented a Firewall to the new SonicWALL TZ-300 and installed the newly configured Windows domain server we built out pre-deployment. For power, we installed a WattBox+1500VA UPS combo, both rack mountable. The WattBox is IP configurable, meaning the power outlets can be cycled remotely in the event of power issues as well as remotely monitored.

They also saw the need to upgrade to new workstations for their employees so we provided new Dell Optiplex Micro desktops, with all-in-one monitor mount option. We installed SOS Guardian remote management and Webroot Managed Antivirus on all the computers for instant notifications and remote access so that we can provide the critical support needed to keep them up and running.  File sharing was another hurdle for Plumbing Utah, so adding the means to pass files between everyone on the network was an important upgrade for their business and was met with the smiles of Brandon’s staff.

The Results:

WattBox with UPS

Plumbing Utah run their business knowing they are well protected and supported by the experts here at SOS Support.  We monitor their data and system performance daily allowing us to proactively provide any necessary support.  They can call us 24/7 akin to the plumbing support they provide to their clients and they know they have a partner they can rely on for help with any of their IT needs. Now that Plumbing Utah is setup to win, their clients can expect their plumbing, heating and air needs are met with speed and accuracy.

This has been a “Win-Win” situation for all involved.  Plumbing Utah is a great company to work with and we are happy they are part of the SOS Support family.