Triumph April 20th

Microsoft Office 365 is having a global issue.

This coincided with a meeting they were going to have the same day

Thanks to the fact that Triumph had Datto SaaS Backups installed, we were able to get a critical file needed for that meeting

The conclusion we came up with was that a backup is always necessary, you don’t know when you’ll need it.

Before a storm comes in, contact us to protect your data!

The Challenge

Dennis Ward (CEO) was very concerned that his computer had been compromised by opening a scam email. He was extremely concerned about his personal and company data

The Approach

We performed several scans of their systems using our protective suite of tools and ensured there were no viruses, malware, or suspicious activity on his account.


After that, we provided some basic training on identifying other scam emails and steps the user could take to protect themselves.


The Result


By the end of the call, we had ensured everything was secured, and the customer felt greatly relieved and more prepared for the future.

Old Mill Brick provides the easiest and most convenient way to build your own thin brick wall for your home or commercial project

They are always ready to offer the highest-quality materials to customize your house or business


The Challenge


Recently, our system informed us of a threat detected by the antivirus


The Approach


Our IT rockstar immediately got connected to the AV console, checked the logs, and made sure the PC was clean.

Also, he installed DUO Mobile which is an authentication application, so all employees have secure access now.


The Result

Safer systems, more protected business assets

Native Flower Company is the creative adventure of Pamela M. Olson. With her talented team, she strives to provide gorgeous flowers and a unique shopping experience for neighbors and fans.

They made flower creations for different events (from birthday parties to baby showers). Trust the event of your dreams on them!. Also, if you want to make a special gift, you are in the right place


The Challenge

They reached out to us asking for a VOIP Phone system for their new location. They wanted to achieve business expansion, covering more Salt Lake City areas.


The Result

It took us about one hour to set up the number and one day to install it. From the moment we left, onwards we’ve been following up.


William R. Rawlings & Associates, LLC is a personal injury and litigation law firm serving clientele in Utah, California, and Idaho.


They work with a limited number of clients to ensure that each case receives the highest level of attention.


Our Approach

Last time we updated the firmware to improve the functionality of the WiFi router. By doing so, we improved the performance of the Access Point.

This detects vulnerabilities within the system and attacks them, preventing possible hacking.

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