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This free book is digital form of our printed book that was published in 2021. This was a collaborative approach taken with our National Peer Group and Mentor organization to build out the most easy to read yet critically important Cybersecurity Essentials for Business book that every owner and manager should read.

The data is based on the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and the CIS Controls. The CIS Controls are made up of a highly actionable collection of actions that organizations can implement, use, and scale. The controls also comply with most applicable laws and security safeguards and are backed by the IT Community. We help our Clients align iwth the CIS Controls to help Safeguard their business.

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Jason Kidman

Jason Kidman founded SOS|Support in 2004.  His passion is to instill Integrity, Strong Values, and Great Communication into the way SOS provides support for their clients. Jason wants clients to feel SOS as a Partner and an Asset.