How do you know if your company is being hacked?

Computer Hacking

Any Company Is A Target For Getting Hacked


It can be like a bad dream. A cyber breach that holds your company’s (and client’s) information hostage.

This threat today is all too common and can come in many forms. Usually, a harmless looking email is to blame. In addition, Ransomware threats (as they are now called) can be very sneaky, damage could be going on for hours before you or your employees even notice. Recently, one such virus affected several medical centers. It looked undetectable until hackers called to say they would leak confidential information unless a ransom was paid. It is not just big companies that are targeted. According to Symantec’s 2016 Internet Security Threat Report, 43% percent of hack attacks in 2015 were against small businesses. So how do you know if your company is being hacked?


Here are a few signs that might indicate a cyber attack on your company. We will also let you know how you can prevent it.


Notices of Failed Login Attempts

Any notices of failed login attempts should be taken seriously. For example, a form of malware that originated in Eastern Europe attacks POS systems to steal credit card information. One of the signs of this malware is a surge in failed login attempts. SOURCE.


Your Webcam light flickered on briefly

It has been associated more with hackers attacking victims at home through their webcams but the same can be done at work. Hackers can listen to private meetings and gain sensitive information. If you notice this, shut down your computer and call your IT company.


Surges in Outbound DNS Traffic

Many companies limit the amount of DNS traffic to ensure employees aren’t surfing the web needlessly. Any large surge in outbound DNS traffic is usually a sign that botnets are at work. SOURCE.


System Activity Logs Don’t Match Up

An activity that happens in the middle of the night or during non-working hours is cause for concern. If all employees have been verified as not being the cause, then it is time to call an IT company.


Unusual Email Attachments

This is a classic one. An easy way into your system as most employees trust information coming from work colleagues or from the boss. If you or your employees suspect there was a virus in an email, get help right away.


Unauthorized Downloads

If you don’t remember downloading an application or one suddenly appears that you don’t recognize on any company computer, this should be resolved as soon as possible as it is usually a sign of a hacking.


Applications or Files Don’t Work Suddenly

If there is a standard application that keeps shutting down or won’t start your IT support company should be notified as it could be compromised.


So now that you can see the signs, what can you do next?


What To Do If You Think You Have Been Hacked


  1. Change Your Passwords


If you think you may have been hacked immediately change the passwords. This could help prevent further damage from happening and stop them from accessing your information.


  1. Call Your IT Company

The most important thing you can do once you suspect a breach is to contact an IT company. They will get to work immediately, preventing further damage and saving valuable data. In addition, they will help you setup better systems to prevent future attacks.


  1. Notify Employees

Employees should be made aware and you should follow-up with a training on how to prevent malware from breaching the system.


  1. Notifying Clients

If there has indeed been a breach in your system your clients should be made aware or you risk losing their trust and business. Yahoo learned this the hard way by not letting their customers know that their personal information had been stolen for 2 years.


The best form of cyber security protection is a reliable IT company. IT companies will monitor your systems for you and ensure your data is safely encrypted. SOS Support offers 24/7 assistance and sophisticated firewall protection to keep your business safe. Contact us today for a free consultation.