Retail Support Services

SOS|Support offers retail support services to retail stores and restaurants.  SOS|Support keeps your network running so that you can keep your business running.  You can rely on SOS|Support for 24/7 retail support services!

Retail Stores

In the fast paced retail industry there is hardly time to change the cash register tape, let alone debug and troubleshoot network problems. With today’s inventory control and bar code scanners, there are many pieces of information floating around your business, that you need to plan and grow your business.

Let SOS|Support set up your POS system, get you set up with Freshbooks or QuickBooks and manage your system network servers.  You can rely on SOS|Support to keep your systems running.  SOS|Support has the fastest response time for emergency situations in the Salt Lake area.


Increase efficiency and order accuracy with the proper POS Systems in your restaurants.

Restaurants need to get food on the table, with as few billing and dine and dash opportunities as possible.  In order to do that, you need to have you restaurant set up so that your Servers can enter orders into the kitchen quickly, and then tally up the bill at the end of a great meal.

You need a reliable network system, installed, designed and maintained by SOS|Support.  SOS|Support’s retail support services will ensure that your POS System is maintained and running properly.

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