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A Customer Driven Market calls for Customer Driven Solutions.

The speed of business has increased many fold since the widespread use of the Internet. Financial firms like yours can now more efficiently communicate, compile data, do research and execute critical trades within seconds ­– not minutes.

Modern networking technology will provide backup and security schemes to safeguard both client and company information. Your business is protected by reliable retention policies protecting against possible malicious acts that can threaten the integrity of your business. By streamlining and securing client communications, financial firms not only secure customer approval, they exceed every level of customer expectation.

SOS|Support can help you design, install and maintain your financial network. SOS|Support can also provide unbiased recommendations to CRM’s and trading platforms as well as the normal financial advisory tools.

SEC compliance regarding a firm’s electronic communication retention policy, requires specialized networks and software. SOS|Support facilitates compliance by utilizing mail archive solutions. Specifically, we help firms win investor business by building some of the most reliable and data redundant systems in the industry. Systems that feature:

  • Instant incoming e-mail access even when the Internet or a server is down, or during power outages
  • Hot sites with real time data replication at a different location thus allowing firms to mobilize its people and be immediately operational
  • Protection against incremental or critical data loss during daily operations via multiple daily backups
  • Systems tracking all forms of client communications (voice, email, fax, hardcopy) requiring little or no customer effort
  • Investor confidence provided through fully documented disaster recovery plans

Determine if your firm could benefit from SOS|Support:

  • Who is in charge of your firm’s Information Technology?
  • Does your firm have an email retention policy?
  • In the event of natural disaster or unforeseen circumstances, does your firm have a business continuation plan?
  • Has your firm taken measures (if so, what) to safeguard critical client and company information?
  • Is your data backed up off-site?
  • Whether paper or electronic, can your firm promptly produce information upon request?
  • Considering changes in software needed to access information, do you maintain the means to – or does your records management program enable you to read and produce – information maintained electronically, photographically or encrypted for the entire period required?

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