IT Solutions and Services for Small Businesses

SOS|Support is leading in IT Support for Small Business in Salt Lake City, UT.  We help small businesses (less than 50 computers) maintain and manage their networks. SOS|Support will improve your business and employee efficiency saving you time and money.


When we first start with a new client we look at their IT infrastructure including computers, cabling, servers, software, demands, needs, and drawbacks. After analyzing everything we are able to provide unbiased opinions to help businesses improve efficiency.  Our clients love us because we are fair, reasonable, pro-active, and want what is best for the client.


Most businesses rely on computers for day to day tasks.  A computer running 25% below efficient speed can directly be correlated to a 25% loss of employee efficiency.  SOS|Support’s computer support services will provide different solutions to increase efficiency. IT Support in Salt Lake City, UT has never been easier with SOS.


What we do:


  • Real-time Network Monitoring
  • Training on your applications
  • 24/7 Support
  • Repair and upgrade computers and devices as needed
  • Backup computer and server data
  • Remote support for quick troubleshooting and monitoring
  • Website blocking
    • Block sites like Facebook, Twitter, shopping, etc.
    • Block all employees or choose which employees to block.


  • Email Management System
    • G Suite
    • Email – stored in the cloud, accessible from any device, 99.999% up-time
    • Calendar – synced to all devices
    • Google Drive – file storage, documents, and sharing

We provide IT support for the following companies…