Tech That Will Change The Way You Work in 2017

The new year is here and people all over the world are wondering what will this year be like compared to last. Business owners are trying to project how they can improve on the experiences from 2016. Hoping for a more productive year, many businesses look to invest in new technologies that are just coming out. Early investments in smart tech can edge you in front of your competition, improve your customers service and help manage your employees faster and more efficiently, so it is important to stop and take stock at what will be available now and in the not so distant future.

As a tech support company, we love to geek out over the new gadgets, programs and even ideas that will soon be available. We always keep our eye on what is coming out next. We have to learn everything before you do so it’s important that we know what is going to be popular. There are definitely a couple of tech related areas that stand out to us as things that will likely play a large role in the business world more and more. Here  is our list of tech we are excited for in 2017 that will change the way you work and do business.


 Smart Helmets

Smart helmets will be seen in the workforce more and more. Starting in the industrial areas, smart helmets are basically a smart phone that you wear on your head. OK, that sounds a little silly but you have been seeing them in futuristic movies for decades and they looked really cool then. Companies like DAQRI are creating cutting edge helmets that uses Augmented Reality or AR to enhance your visual work experience.  “Using Computer Vision, each DAQRI device recognizes and understands elements in your environment and surroundings. The system responds intelligently, providing relevant information targeted to you, your location, your task, and your skill level.”

image credit DAQRI

Virtual Reality

This one is everywhere and the possibilities are endless for small business, from training staff or enhancing a customer experience, virtual reality will be a (remove extra ‘a’) huge game changer. Smart business owners that learn how to use this technology now can really set themselves apart from their competitors. VR is such a buzzword that you can start by having one in your waiting room and we are certain you’ll quickly see that patients and customers alike will enjoy coming to your place of business just for the experience. 

For more information on how VR is going to be changing the business world, check out this article:


Wireless Headphones

A little more subtle than a helmet and more practical in many small business workspaces, wireless head phones and wireless everything will be replacing the headsets of customer service representatives of old starting now. Work environments can now be more pleasant by eliminating the need to be chained to a desk space all day which will create a more natural and healthy space for employees. Happy employees is good for business!


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