Our Favorite Apps for Small Business Right Now

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Our Favorite Apps for Small Business Right Now

Running a small business in challenging. Wearing many “hats” is probably one of the most difficult aspects. With a small business there is usually no HR department or accounting floor. Sometimes there is a staff of 3 people and sometimes just  1! Yet you compete against some big established behemoths. It sounds crazy, it almost sounds impossible but with small size comes the ability to think quickly, change quickly and bring in savvy techniques faster than the giants. Staying on top of  and adopting new  technologies is crucial for small business survival. We’ve listed some of our favorite apps that help small businesses compete with the big leagues.


  1. Evernote: We could write a whole blog post on Evernote (note to self, write blog post on Evernote). It has so many features that keep improving and is excellent for running a small business. It creates the ideal situation  because the whole company can seamlessly stay ontop of company information. Evernote Web Clipper allows you to save  images and reviews about your business that you can find online which is great for presentations to buyers, shareholders and investors, or a staff meeting. With Evernote email you can now email a to-do list to yourself or staff, simply place a #TODO at the end of the subject line and it saves it all to one spot. Type in your keyword to quickly and easily recall the file you’re looking for — even if you have everything saved in one notebook. It allows you to go virtually paperless and access your  information anywhere. That’s just the tip of the ice berg.
  2. Google Drive: Stop using word on  a PC, just use Google Drive Docs. Why? This cloud app allows you to sync what you are working on with email and countless other apps that help your business run more smoothly. Sharing documents among employees is easier and updates automatically. Not to mention all the new aspects that Google Drive keeps bringing in will automatically upgrade your whole system.
  3. LocalVox: is a web marketing app that allows brick and mortar businesses to build their brands online. The service enables owners to publish news, events and deal announcements with a click-of-a-button across many online channels, including social media, websites, local directories and email newsletters. The service simultaneously optimizes organic search and Google Places listings for its users.
  4. Hootsuite: If your social media is being managed inhouse, hootsuite is a life saver. The dashboard is easy to use and allows you to stay on top of what is being posted, when and if their is engagement.
  5.  Expensify: Ever purchased something then told yourself you need to expense that while you shove that receipt in your pocket or wallet? Turns out you are not alone and there is an app for that! Expensify  helps you keep track and submit expenses and receipts while on the go. It syncs with Inuit and is free!
  6. Feedly: Many times running a business requires constant research.  Staying on top of competition, looking for ways to improve or get inspired. Many business owners spend countless hours on the web. Feedly “feeds” the selected info you  are looking for into a personalized stream. It helps get to the stuff that matters to you. It also syncs with hootsuite, evernote and a host of other apps so that the information you are taking in is used by your company quickly.
  7. Insightly: A CRM that is perfect for Small Business. Insightly allow you to manage leads, contacts, organizations, partners, vendors and suppliers. See everything from background, email history, events, projects or opportunities. It lets you track project activity and performance against milestones, detect virtually every social media profile related to a contact’s email address and allows you to access everything via your mobile. Not to mention it offers reports and integrates with Evernote, Google, Mail Chimp, Quick Books, Outlook and more. Plus it is extrememly affordable, starting with a free version and the basic which is only $12.00 a month!


Don’t you just love technology? For more tech help with your office contact us for a free consultation and we will get you tech savvy and ready to take on the world!

-written by: @tatirivs


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