New Privacy Features Apple IOS14 and MacOS Big Sur


Apple has announced new security features available in their newest software here is a breakdown of those updates.


Not Every App Can Access Your Precise Location

Currently you can block specific apps from accessing your location, the update will allow you to share your approximate location instead of giving them access to your precise location.

An Indicator to Notify if Your Microphone\Camera is Recording

There will now be a yellow dot in the status bar whenever your microphone or camera is recording.

Upgrade App Account to “Sign in with Apple ID”

Developers can now offer the option to upgrade existing app accounts to Sign in with Apple so users can enjoy improved Privacy, security, and ease of use without setting up a new account.

Limited Photos Library Access for Selected App

No need to share your entire photo library with apps with whom you want to share a few photos. You can now choose to share only selected items with an app asking for permission to your photos.

Safari Browser Added Password Monitoring and Privacy Report

“Safari automatically keeps an eye out for any saved passwords that may have been involved in a data breach. Using advanced cryptographic techniques, Safari periodically checks a derivation of your passwords against an updated list of compromised credentials. If a breach is discovered, Safari helps you upgrade your existing passwords. All this is done without revealing your password information to anyone — including Apple,” the company said.

Safari also uses Intelligent Tracking Prevention to identify and prevent trackers from profiling or following you across the web.

Cross-App Tracking: Control and Transparency

The update makes tracking transparent and under the user’s control, Apple now requires app developers to get users’ consent before tracking them across third-party applications and websites.
You can now choose which apps have permission to track you.
You can see which apps you have given permission to track in settings.

Privacy Information on the App Store

Apple now also requires developers to display a summary of the privacy practices of their apps on their pages in the App Store, which will help users review it before downloading.


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