Get Your Office IT Ready For 2016

Get your Office IT ready for 2016

2016 is banging on the door waiting to get in. As  2015 comes to a close it’s time to take a look at what your current IT setup has been like and where you can improve for 2016. Now is the time to start thinking about office upgrades, as sales start coming in fast and furious with the start of Black Friday it can be a great time to improve your office infrastructure and get your upgraded for a more prosperous year. Here are our top tips for getting your Office IT ready for 2016.


  1. Take Stock

Do you keep running into the same problems over and over? Where do you obstacles lie? What are your long term and short term goals? Have an office meeting and get your staff to make a list of priorities for the next year. See if any of those can be solved by improving your office technology. For example; if you are having a hard time staying on top of projects, emails are getting over looked or calendars are not being updated, maybe there is an issue with the current office software you have and time management needs to be automated better or maybe your staff has not had the enough time or training with the software you have and is only using a fraction of it’s capabilities

  1. Call your IT Support Team

Present your issues to your IT support team and ask them to evaluate your current set up, the current obstacles you face and have them come up with suggestions for you of how to get a better system in place. At SOS support we offer this to our clients for free! It’s important for us to grow with our clients and you can’t do that by using the same systems for years on end. Let us know that you are ready for improvement and we can do the rest.

  1. Decide on your budget for the year

Once you have been given suggestions it’s time to come up with a budget. If you are lucky, they cost will be minimal and you can implement improvements right away, but as we all know running a business is seldom like that, improving infrastructure is an ongoing expense.  To ensure you have the best opportunities for your business plan on this early, it is easier when you know your budget ahead of time. It gives you time to cost compare and take advantage of cost saving seasons like the holidays, Black Friday anyone?

  1. Make time for training

Whether you are a solo enterprise or a medium sized office building, any time you bring in new software, there is a learning curve involved and it takes time. If there is a slow period in your business takes advantage of this my scheduling training time for your staff and yourself. If you are going to be spending the money on new tech, you better hope that everyone knows how to use it!



What do you think of this? Do you have any office tech questions?  We would love to hear about them. Find us on Facebook and post your questions on our wall.



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