Davis Surgical Associates Testimonial

“My name is Laurie McMillan and I am the manager for Davis Surgical Associates. We have been in business since 2004 and our relationship with SOS goes far beyond my 10 years here. We have always found SOS to be reliable, honest, sincere, genuine, and able to tackle any problem that comes their way. Great example is we had a telephone company that went in and tried to do the setup for our telephone service. I met them there, specifically took time out of my schedule 4 times to go there and meet with the first digital guys and they couldn’t get it right. So I called in the SOS team and they met me on site and went through from front to back the wiring in the basement and he told me exactly what needed to happen and I got on the phone, made a few calls to get the wiring done correctly and had it taken care of.

They will drop what they are doing to take the time for a situation that is urgent and I really appreciate that about them. I don’t have to be concerned, because I know my data is covered and I know my data is secured. When I run into an issue, a problem, or have a question, I council with them, they are always there to provide answers. SOS offers IT support but in addition to the IT support they have ongoing checks for security, they make certain there isn’t malware by going through it very carefully, they make certain that we are compliant. I’ve been so impressed with their work, personally, that I’ve used them for my own services. My highest recommendation to SOS, their integrity and ability to get the job done right.”

Davis Surgical Associates
Laurie McMillan, Manager
Layon, UT

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