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Good IT Support Is All About Prevention

Prevention Is The First Line Of Defence For IT Support

There are many things that go into making a business run smoothly. IT operations are just one of them. However, with the bulk of business operations being done through a computer network, it is probably one of the most important ones. A glitch in a company’s computer operating system can cripple a business. From cybersecurity threats that ransom your business to general malware that makes it unusable, few businesses can afford to have an IT meltdown.  When it comes to IT support the objective is to stay ahead and to predict where problems may arise, allowing your business to run smoothly. It’s all about prevention.


Prevention comes in a few forms. Here are some of the ways in which your IT support team should implement measures to ensure that you not only overcome roadblocks but ideally avoid them altogether.


Start With A Network Assessment

When hiring an IT support company, the first place they should start is by assessing the system you already have in place. Backing Up data and other security measures are important ( and we will discuss that shortly), however, the first line of defense is to find any potential weaknesses that you may currently have. An assessment will do just that. It will show you if you are functioning well or if it looks like there are some areas that might cause you problems down the road. From there,  a plan should be put in place to deal with any issues. This is the first step in prevention and should not be overlooked. Get a network assessment today.


Security and Firewalls

Once your assessment is complete and your computer network has been enhanced, the next course of action should be to set up your security measures. Firewalls help keep your network safe from being breached by unwanted traffic. Basically, it is what keeps viruses and security threats away. When hiring an IT support company, make sure they have a reputable firewall as not all are created equal and it is your only line of defense to keep your network from being compromised.



Backup Data

Of course, even the best firewalls can eventually be breached. New and more sophisticated viruses and hacks are being created all the time. In order to minimize damage, having your data backed up is crucial. Offsite backup is the safest way to keep your company’s sensitive information away from being hijacked and prevents further damage.



The most likely way your company will have a security breach is when an employee lets something in (ie. via email). Having a training process in place to get your staff up to speed on how they can help keep your company safe is a good process to put in place. An IT support company that can help prevent these types of errors from occurring by supporting your staff is what every business should look for.


Ongoing Maintenance

Keeping a computer network running is a job that requires 24/7 attention. If a critical error occurs, businesses can’t afford to wait very long. Your IT support company should be able to arrive within the hour or better yet handle the situation remotely almost immediately. Finding an IT support company that can act quickly is one of the key ways in preventing a small problem from becoming a serious problem.


When all these measures are put in place, you can rest easy that your IT support is in the best place to prevent an issue from happening so that your business can continue to grow.


To get started on your preventative maintenance, contact SOS Support today.

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