Minimum Best Practice Standards for IT Systems

  • Business Class Computers and Workstations (e.g. Dell Optiplex and Dell Latitude)
  • Business Class UTM (Unified Threat Managed) Capable Firewall (e.g. Sonicwall)
  • Cat5e networking or better, where applicable
  • For 4 hour disaster recovery, a BCDR  (Backup Continuity Disaster Recovery) appliance must be deployed. If the 72 hour plan or 7 day data recovery plan is chosen, then we must have this waiver on file.
  • Managed Switches for best network monitoring (not required, but is beneficial)
  • Windows 8.1 or newer Operating System (Windows 7 End of Life is January 2020)
  • Solid state hard drives are highly recommended but not required (5-7x faster performance)
  • Active support contracts with third party software and cloud vendors





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