Robots are Taking Over!

Robot Take Over!

Here’s just a fun update on some of the incredible new technology coming out. recently released an article about something that’s being worked on at a few prestigious universities around the nation.

Robots doing our simple annoying daily tasks such as folding clothes or doing the dishes has always been a fantasy for many of us.  With some of the progress that is being made, this might not be such a fantasy within the next 20 years.

At UC Berkeley, they have been working on the BRETT (Berkeley Robot for the Elimination of Tedious Tasks), which has programming that actually can learn tasks through reinforcement techniques.  It performs tasks and is given feedback by programmers, and then it uses that feedback to learn and progress.  Pretty cool stuff!

This is something that’s still in early stages of development, but it could easily be seen being used in the future, so keep an eye out!  Here’s the link to the full article if you want to read all the details.



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