Our First #GiveBackEdition


Here at SOS Support we know that these are hard times for small businesses, during these difficult economic times we want to support local businesses. Businesses that are not our clients that are the most heavily impacted companies in regard to this economic crisis: we are offering Free IT Services for them (with limitations).


First for existing clients that are heavily impacted by COVID-19 please contact me directly if we need to work on some deferments or downgrades.  Here are a couple of our current clients we are helping to support during this time.




Salt Lake Film Society (think The Broadway and Tower movie theatres) is one of our favorite clients. They are an independent non-profit and they have launched SLFS @ home for moviegoers. You can rent or buy new movies online and have an opportunity when purchasing a “ticket” to also donate to SLFS. https://slfsathome.org/



Dogmode is one of our favorite clients. They are one of the most unique dog boarding companies in the western US. They even have a large pool for their dogs to go swimming! As you might expect a company like this in hospitality is down in customers because nobody is traveling. If your dog is quarantined and needs to GET-OUT then contact them and give your dogs some friends for a bit! https://www.dogmode.com/



Barr Aesthetics is another of our favorite clients. They have temporarily closed their doors. They are one of, if not the most high-class Aesthetics and facial plastic surgery clinics in the Salt Lake area. Currently, they are offering Alastin and Obagi skincare products to be sent to homes directly. If it’s coming from these guys, it’s gotta be the best. https://www.alastin.com/BarrAesthetics or email info@barraesthetics.com for any non-prescription Obagi products!



Ultimate Sports and Rehabilitation is a newer client of ours. They are just a few doors down from us! They have professional in-house training. They have a $70 package that includes Physical Therapy, Chiropractic Adjustment, and Exercise – all in one visit!  http://ultimatesportspr.com/



And last but not least – Again, if you know of any business that is heavily impacted by COVID-19 we are offering Free IT Services (with limitations) to help them through this time. Have them reach out to me directly.


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