Google’s self-driving cars have been in eleven accidents – however, all are the fault of the other drivers.

Google’s Self Driving Cars

We all knew this day would come! Self-driving cars have gotten into accidents! But… None of them were because of the autonomous vehicle. All were the fault of the other drivers. Crazy, huh?




Yes, in a statement from Google, their self-driving cars have been in a total of eleven accidents, none of which were major. There have been seven reported cases where another driver has rear-ended the Google car, one involving the other car driving through a red light, and finally two sideswipes where the other driver was not paying much attention and attempted to change lanes into the self-driving automobile.

Google, of course, has managed to put a positive spin on this story. While it is unfortunate that there are drivers who simply aren’t paying as much attention as they should be whilst driving, it seems that the only thing that can bring the evidently safe self-driving car down is the error of other, human-piloted cars.

What do you think about self-driving cars? Is it a convenient and necessary evolution in transportation? Or is it technology going a little bit too far?

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