Apple tries to muscle its way in….

Apple iCloud

Well, it seems that Apple computer is feeling the heat from other online cloud based storage services.  With the announcement of the new iOS 8.0, there are several improvements, or so they say.  One of the biggest and notable changes is that iCloud will now work for any type of file.  Yes its true they are 8 years behind DropBox (still the industry leader in security and ease of use) but we all know that when apple makes a change, the world stands up and listens.

It appears to be a play on apple’s part to gain market share with iCloud.  Also Apple seems to be playing catch-up again.  Android tablets have been running multiple and side by side apps for many years, Apple will finally release a software update that will allow this to happen 5 years after all other companies have had it on their tablets and phones.  Even Microsoft has had multiple apps access since their first iteration of the Surface Tablets.

Undoubtedly, thousands or hundreds of thousands will simply use the icloud to share their documents, but if you ask us, this is just another signal of apple’s inability to actually innovate and create new and exciting pieces of software and hardware.  Ever since Steve Jobs past away, there has been very little innovation, and they no longer push the envelope, they just copy what everyone else does, years later.