Web Filter for Businesses

Web Protection can be used to keep unwanted things from making their way into the machine.  It is more of a preventative/pro-active than a reactive solution, and takes some of the burden off your I.T. team.

1. It is highly effective and runs with the device

a. Where Hardware appliances are regional and can only filter and/or control at the network level, Web Protection runs with the Agent/Device so the level of control always remains the same. For example, if a laptop travels from a work network to a home network to a hotel network… control levels don’t change.
b. Also, this is more cost effective than a Hardware appliance for small offices but it also compliments them nicely.

2. It is more efficient than an upstream proxy

a. Web Requests do not have to go upstream for policy review then downstream. Instead, the resolution would occur at the local policy allowing this to be a more seamless and un-noticeable implementation.

3. Extensive Category Database

a. The Database associated with Web Security and Web Filtering Categories houses 280 Million + (280,000,000) domain entries. This means less man-hours (or woman-hours) in configuring protection for the network.


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