The Chromebook for Business?

Chromebook for Business?






Chromebooks are just one of the many new technologies to hit the market over the last few years, and although they weren’t flying off of the shelves right after they hit them, their sales are increasing sharply now that people are realizing their potential.

“ABI Research found that, in the most recent quarter, Chromebook shipments increased by 67 percent quarter over quarter. The research company expects that year over year, Chromebooks shipments will double.”

67%…That’s a pretty big number! Here’s why :

Chromebooks are another option for increased mobility and versatility.  They offer some of the mobility and size advantages that a tablet can give you, while also giving you the traditional “laptop feel” that makes typing and web surfing so much easier.  Their very low price makes them a strong competitor against tablets, and gives them a small advantage over slightly higher priced laptops.

So what can they do?

Chromebooks were primarily made to be able to start up and surf the web in seconds, but they also offer many features such as music, movies and games, making them great for students or people on the go.

However, we know that many of you are small or big business owners, so we won’t forget to mention that the Chromebook has many applications in the workplace as well.  While they do not have the capability yet to run full Microsoft Office documents, they can still open Word and Excel documents using the Google Docs application.  They also have to ability to run many applications that can be used in the workplace, and we can safely assume that many more applications are being created by the day.  With pricing sometimes well under the $300 mark, they could make an impact on many businesses as an alternative to laptops.

If you have any questions or curiosities about Chromebooks and if they might be a good option for you, just contact SOS Support, your IT Support in Salt Lake City,  for more information

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