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SOS|Support offers an unprecedented 20 Minute Response Time. Find out how SOS|Support can fulfill your company’s IT management needs.


IT Support starts at just $20/per user per month!

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We provide IT Support Services to small and medium businesses in Salt Lake City. Our goal is to provide the best IT services possible to you, including Networking, Firewall Installation, Removal of Viruses and Malware and more.

The core of SOS Support’s business is to treat every client with the best professional service at an affordable price while establishing win-win relationships.

Real-time Network Monitoring

Training on your applications

24/7 Support

Repair and upgrade computers and devices as needed

Remote support for quick troubleshooting and monitoring

Website Blocking

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At Salt Lake City IT Support, we handle your computers and networks so that you can focus on growing your business. Our engineers are trained to solve problems efficiently and accurately, making us the perfect partner for your small or medium sized business.

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