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New Services: Autotask Workplace

SOS Support is always staying on top of the latest IT technologies so that we can service our
clients in the best way possible. One of these new services that we have introduced is Autotask

“Autotask Workplace is an Enterprise-grade Cloud file sync and share platform. The best way to describe it;  you take Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive and any other quality Cloud file systems and put him on steroids and that is what you get with Autotask Workplace”
– Jason Kidman, President of SOS Support

Who Is Autotask Right For

Autotask Workplace is ideal for businesses that have grown to a certain size and a traditional consumer-grade file sync and share solution simply doesn’t offer enough space, security and features anymore. While Dropbox and Google work well for freelancers or small businesses looking to quickly share files and folders with clients, it doesn’t meet the requirements of many small to medium-sized businesses, which have more than 5 employees.

Superior Security and Control

A growing business needs to make sure sensitive and confidential files remain in total control of the company. With consumer-grade file sharing tools, there are security issues it is – most of the time – an all-or-nothing approach: once a folder is shared, the person who it’s shared with has total control over the content. Files can be deleted by accident, re-shared with unauthorized third-parties and employees, or simply edited by the wrong people. With Autotask Workplace you get integrated Mobile Document Management (MDM) and device security. Admins can add or remove employees from accessing the Autotask cloud, making sure data remains under company control when a device is lost or stolen—or an employee leaves the company.

Safe Collaboration

With Autotask Workplace’s policy-based controls, you can provide secure access for employees and outside resources to work together on projects. Autotask Workplace takes collaboration to a whole new level with real-time access and editing capabilities.

Remote Access

Autotask Workplace allows organizations of all sizes fully access work files through laptops and smart devices, safely and securely. Tablets and smartphones can be turned into reliable alternatives to getting business done.


Integration with Operating Systems

Autotask Workplace works seamlessly with Windows and Apple desktop operating systems. The Office 365 integrations are very seamless. The desktop agent runs silently in the background, ensuring the latest versions of selected files and folders are synced and backed up to the AWP cloud. The Office 365 integration allows you to edit your Office documents from any web browser and then some. We love the Autosave feature and that the integration allows secure sharing and collaboration with third parties on Office documents in real time using Edit via Public Link feature.


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