App Porting in Windows 10 – What Does it Mean?

App Porting in Windows 10

In the works of finishing Windows 10, Microsoft announced some pretty big news.  They told the world that in Windows 10 they would be making it possible to port Android and iOS apps and games to a Windows platform.


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What does this mean?

Well, in the past if a developer wanted to make an app for Windows that already existed on iOS or Android, they would essentially need to start from scratch and completely re-write the program.  Because of this, the variety apps and games that have been available on the Windows tablets and phones have been less than satisfactory.

With the new setup, we should see a pretty decent sized upgrade in the apps available on Windows because app porting will be possible for apps that are already made for iOS or Android.  This means a lot less work for developers to bring their apps to Windows.

With the release of Windows 10 coming almost a month ago, the amount of apps is better than it used to be, but it is definitely still a work in progress that will be going on for the next couple years.

Keep an eye on things and you might be seeing your favorite Android or iOS game or app popping up in the Windows store soon

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