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The Ultimate Glossary of Terms About Windows

Here’s an ultimate glossary of terms about Windows that will help you navigate and understand the terminology associated with this operating system:


An operating system developed by Microsoft that provides a graphical interface for users to interact with their computer.


The main screen that appears after you log in to your Windows computer, typically displaying icons, shortcuts, and the taskbar.

Start Menu

The menu located at the bottom-left corner of the screen that provides access to various apps, settings, and features on your Windows computer.


The bar located at the bottom of the screen that displays open apps, the Start button, and other shortcuts for easy access.

File Explorer

A file management tool in Windows that allows users to navigate, browse, and manage files and folders on their computer.

Control Panel

A centralized location in Windows where users can access and customize various system settings, such as network connections, display settings, and user accounts.

Windows Update

A feature that keeps your Windows operating system up to date by downloading and installing the latest security patches, bug fixes, and feature improvements released by Microsoft.

User Account

An account that allows a user to log in to a Windows computer and access personalized settings, files, and applications.

Task Manager

A built-in Windows utility that provides information about running processes, CPU and memory usage, and allows you to manage and monitor applications and system performance.

Device Manager

A tool in Windows that allows users to view and manage hardware devices installed on their computer, update device drivers, and troubleshoot device-related issues.


A virtual assistant developed by Microsoft that provides voice and contextual assistance, allowing users to perform various tasks by voice command or text input.

File Compression

The process of reducing the size of one or multiple files and folders to save storage space or facilitate easier file transfer. Windows uses various compression algorithms like ZIP and RAR.


A hierarchical database in Windows that stores configuration settings and options for the operating system, hardware, software, and user preferences.

Task Scheduler

A Windows utility that allows users to schedule automated tasks, such as running programs at specific times or performing system maintenance.

System Restore

A feature that allows users to revert their Windows computer to a previous state, undoing system changes and resolving issues caused by software installations or updates.

Virtual Desktop

A feature in Windows that allows users to create and manage multiple desktop environments, each with its own set of open windows and applications.

Microsoft Store

An online marketplace where users can download and install various apps, games, and other software developed for Windows.

Command Prompt

A command-line interpreter in Windows that allows users to execute commands and perform administrative tasks using text-based commands.

Task View

A feature in Windows that provides a bird’s eye view of all open windows and allows users to switch between virtual desktops and running applications.


A built-in Windows tool that provides disk encryption capabilities, allowing users to protect sensitive data stored on their computer’s hard drives.

This glossary covers some of the key terms related to Windows, providing a foundation for understanding and using this popular operating system.


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