The Looming Windows 10 Launch Day

Windows 10 Launch


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With Windows 10 dropping in only a couple more days, we want to fill you in on the latest details of the July 29th release.

The Date

Windows is set to release on Wednesday July 29th.  This being said, not everyone will be getting it on Wednesday.  This update is being sent out to millions of people, meaning it will have to be sent out in general phases.

Microsoft has stated that thier “Inside” users will be the very first group to be getting the update.  These are the users who signed up months ago and have already been running, testing, and giving feedback on the Beta versions of Windows 10.  This seems fair as these are the people who have helped to make sure Windows 10 is the best that it can be when it is released to the general public.

After the first group, Microsoft will be sending out the update in “waves”.  They have been unclear as to the size of these waves or how much time there will be between them, but Microsoft has been preparing for this release for a long time so it shouldn’t be too long or too messy.  Microsoft has been having it’s users “reserve their copies” of Windows 10 for the last couple month (for more info on reserving your copy, go to our blog post here), and it’s very likely that those who reserved their copy the earliest will be getting the update sent to them first.

Microsoft will be sending out notifications to keep everyone updated and to let you know when your copy is available.

The Details

The tests of the Windows 10 update done by users with the Beta version have been quite smoothly so far.  Faster computers have been getting the upgrade done in as little as 20 minutes with a couple of reboots.  Slower computers are taking about an hour or possibly a little more.

Many users are worried about losing data and all of their programs.  We would recommend having your data backed up before upgrading, but the update should not wipe your hard drive or cause data loss.  Data and programs should be carried over in the update.

The Decision

For many, especially businesses, waiting some time before upgrading to Windows 10 is something to consider.  While many of us want to see the final version of Windows 10 and have it as soon as possible, we need to remember that it will still be brand new and have some bugs that Microsoft will be constantly working out.

Don’t expect a perfect product right off the bat.

If you have a business and are wondering about the upgrades, the best option would be to contact your IT Support providers and find out the best option for your business and decide on a timeline for making the upgrades on your workstations.  For a few more details on the business side of Windows 10, you can check out another one of our blog’s here.

If you are a personal user and don’t mind working through a few bugs, we would say go for the update whenever you want and have some fun with the new Windows!

We’re excited for the new things coming!  If you have any questions or concerns about Windows 10 for your personal or business computers contact SOS Support, your IT Support Specialists.