The Future of the Windows Phone

Future of the Windows Phone

Just a couple short years ago, Microsoft struck up a deal with Nokia to make Lumia Windows smartphones.  Nokia makes great phones, and Microsoft makes great operating systems, so it seemed like a great deal.


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The result has been disappointing.  While the products that they have put out have had great reviews and the users seem to love them, they simply haven’t been selling.  Google and Apple have a stronghold on the smartphone world and so far Microsoft has  not been able to break through the walls.

Today, Windows Phones make up only 2.7% of the smartphone market worldwide.

What does this mean for the future of Windows Phones?

We still don’t quit know.  While the release of Windows 10 and it’s capabilities and possibilities to sync up perfectly with a Windows Phone, Microsoft could possibly get some help.  However, if you’ve already upgraded to Windows 10, you may have noticed the “Phone Companion” in your Start menu.  If you click on it you will notice that Microsoft is working to make all of their apps available to Android and iOS users as well.

It seems that whether Microsoft keeps making phones or not is not overly important.  They are working to make sure that Windows 10 will work well with whatever phone you have.

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