Speed Freaks

Speed Freaks


For those of you who read our blog regularly it will probably come as no surprise that we here at SOS Support are complete speed freaks.  Now this does not mean we drive fast cars, or spend a lot of time at Boondocks racing cars.  No, here at SOS we are obsessed with computer speed and performance so we can bring you the best IT support Salt Lake City has to offer!

Recently our Lead tech lost a motherboard to a BIOS update, and had to replace the board.  Now instead of the sub 20 second boot time with the old board, the system is now under 10 seconds from cold boot to windows.  Now if you think the boot time is the only speed increase, you are woefully incorrect.  Having the system boot so quickly also means that the system runs at super speeds as well.

The right amount of RAM, the correct hard drive (solid state Drive SSD) and careful maintenance your system can be a match for, if not better than the system that now runs so quickly.  In this world that we live in where things must happen NOW SOS support can make your system respond now.

The best part of all of this news is that the processor in said computer is actually 4 years old.  Yup that is right, Core i5 -2500K cpu running each of the 4 cores at 3.3Ghz.  We should also state that the computer has been overclocked by a mere 5%, so now it runs at 3.4Ghz.

How important is productivity and lower load times to your business?  If you could shave 10 seconds off of loading a web page, or even have quickbooks open in less time, and not have to wait between entries, would you do it?  If so, contact SOS Support and see if we can upgrade the current system you are using, or if you would like a custom build we do that too!

Our system builder has 20 years experience building computers and stays on the cutting edge, are you ready for speed?

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