Smartwatches – A Wearable Cell Phone



With technology getting better and better by the minute, companies are able to make devices smaller and smaller.  One of the latest benefits that we have seen from this are smartwatches.

Smartwatches started to really hit the market just over the past year.  They are essentially an extension of your smartphone and have an incredible amount of different uses.  Most of these watches connect to your smartphone through bluetooth or wifi, and have a touchscreen that shows you incoming text messages, notifications, calls, and other information.  Some models even allow you to make and answer calls from your watch and respond to text messages as well just by typing on the small touchscreen keyboard.

Sound like something for you?

If so…the next question comes into play.  Which one?

Some of the different smartwatches are compatible only with their smartphone counterpart of the same brand (i.e. The Apple Watch with the Iphone), so that is obviously something to check in to.  However others are compatible with just about anything, like the new Microsoft Band.  Doing your research about compatibility should be key in which watch you choose.

As far as features go, the Apple Watch and the Microsoft band, which are two of the front runners, seem to be very similar.  Both have the ability to receive notifications from your phone as well as track workouts and keep time, of course.  One new smartwatch, the Samsung Gear S, is now introducing the ability to act as a standalone cell phone as well, meaning that you can actually make/recieve calls and text message using its 3G capabilities without even having you cell phone around (however this will include an extra monthly charge from you cell carrier).

These 3 different smartwatches are just a few of many, many different options, and almost every model has different versions and customization to better fit your personal style.  Samsung alone has released 12 different smartwatches …..yes 12….in just the last year.  My only advice to you if you’re deciding which one to buy would be to do your research and find which watch fits your style and what features you are looking for.  Still can’t decide? Just go with the one that matches up best with your smartphone so that you know you’ll be getting the most out of your smartwatch.

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