Small Business Security Updates

Small Business Security Updates

Just a couple of days ago was Patch Tuesday, Microsoft’s once a month release of Windows updates.

This month Microsoft released 3 critical updates.  These are very important for keeping your system safe.  These should be installed on your PC pretty much automatically, so if Windows is nagging you to let it install them, make sure and let it.

In other news in the tech world, a new vulnerability in business servers has been found and is currently being fixed.

Many of you might have heard about “Heartbleed” about a year ago.  It was a security flaw that was found that hackers were using to gather information from servers and computer systems.

Well now all the talk is about “Venom”, a newly found, more dangerous flaw.  Essentially, if a hacker knows what he or she is doing, they can not only hack into one server or system, but every other server that is connected to it.

Here we’re only writing a short description of it just so that you know what it can do, but if you want all the details, head over to this link for all the details.

Here at SOS Support, your IT specialists in Salt Lake City, we’re making sure to keep up on all the latest when it comes to these security flaws in order to keep your systems safe, and we will be there in no time if there’s potential danger for your data.  Feel free to call or email us with any questions at all!

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