Personalize your Own device

Pesonalize Microsoft Windows 10


Every person feels like a little kid at one point or another: they’re waking up on Christmas morning, and running to the tree. Their face lights up, and they can’t stop moving. When Adults get new devices, new programs or free help from business computer service, they become kids all over again. That is all we can focus on. Windows 10 has just come out. It is exciting and new. Why get a device we are not excited about? Windows 10 has created a great computer support program we can all be excited about. Windows Hello is the top software out right now. Once the device becomes yours, it becomes yours forever. It memorizes your presence, your voice, and is always there for you. You create your very own screen. Windows Hello is the new hit, and the new popular kid possession.

We buy things because we want to make them our own. Windows 10 agrees with the world. They have created a device that you make your own. You create your own home screen. You choose the apps shown, and the apps you don’t want shown. You choose the size, and you choose how much is shown on the screen. You pick the color, and whether the background is black or white. You pick almost everything. Every device is different; no two devices are alike.

There is nothing better than privacy. We can be secretive, and buttoned-up. With Windows Hello, we are the password. Your voice and presence is the password. Cortana is your friend. You can talk to her, tell her things you need done in your phone, and she can give you reminders.

SOS SupportIT support, has personally used Windows 10 and Windows Hello. Computer support specialist, Jason, says: “There isn’t another program that makes you feel so at home.” No tech support company will discourage the use of Windows 10 and Windows Hello. The future sits in the palms of our hands. Don’t be the one to sit back and watch it float past.

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