Office 365 PowerPoint Adaption Tip

Today I received this PowerPoint tip from our Office 365 Adoption. Office 365 Adoption is a Office 365 Add-on service that costs $2/mo. per user and it’s goal is to help educate your users on how to maximize and get the most use out of your services. This tip is specifically for Office 365 PowerPoint.



Use Keyboard Shortcuts to delivery your slide show: Office 365 PowerPoint Adoption


You don’t need a mouse or clicker to run a slideshow:


  • Press F5 to start from the beginning, or Shift+F5 to start from the current slide.
  • Press the right arrow key to see the next slide or animation. The left arrow key shows the previous slide or animation.
  • Press number and then Enter to go to a particular slide number.
  • Press Esc to end the slide show.


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