Microsoft Edge – The Latest and Greatest Web Browser

Microsoft Edge

Along with Windows 10, Microsoft has been working on a new web browser to go along with their new OS.  You might have heard of Microsoft Edge by now, or you may have heard of Project Spartan, which was it’s code name while the browser has been in development.

Like Windows 10, Edge will be compatible and nearly the same for all Windows devices including PC’s, tablets, and Windows phones.

Microsoft is working hard to make Edge the best browser on the market in order to compete with Chrome and Firefox, among other browsers, which have had an “Edge” over Internet Explorer for the last couple years.

It’s biggest pro is that it should work flawlessly integrated with Windows 10 and all of it’s new features, such as Cortana, Microsoft’s new “Siri-like” virtual assistant.  We’re hoping it’s as good as it sounds, which could make the need for 3rd party browsers a lot smaller and make things a little less complicated for all of us.

Recently some new screenshots of the browser were released and can be found here.

Just check back and we will keep you updated on all the latest on Microsoft Edge!