Microsoft Edge- Living the Dream

Microsoft Edge- Living the Dream

Why get something that sustains from full speed? Why buy something that isn’t at the top of the line? If you are spending a lot of money, Why not get the best that you can? Windows 10 has just come out with the new Microsoft edge. It is brilliant! They have upgraded and improved a few things. Through Microsoft edge, you can write on the web, keep notes, read distraction free, and search much faster. Why would anyone say no to that?

Being able to use your finger to highlight words on a screen is very easy. It is helpful, and quick. Microsoft edge has made it possible to take notes, and keep all of the important information on your internet. You can annotate whatever you want, close out of the browser, and still have your annotations when you open it back up. Microsoft edge is like paper; easy to write on and easy to carry around.

Don’t you hate when you are trying to read something, but you always get distracted? Ads keep piling up on the side, screen changing every 2 minutes, noise starts to play, and now commercials are coming up. With Microsoft edge, you can press a button that will make most all of it go away. You select reading view, and ads go away. It’s like pressing full screen on youtube. Microsoft edge knows the pain of getting distracted too easily.

It is super annoying when you need something quick, and the internet takes a million years to load. You’re tapping your foot, your boss is waiting, and you are running late. Microsoft has a solution. All you need to do is enter your search into the handy address bar. Search suggestions, instant results from the web, and your browsing history will all come up. Why waste time if you can enter your search into the handy address bar for such a shorter wait.

IT Support teamSOS Support, has had the privilege of working with Microsoft edge. Computer support specialist, Josh, says: “It’s way better than any internet that I’ve used. It’s fast, and proficient.”


Microsoft edge has become a huge hit! Through Windows 10, they have created a way to read distraction free, write notes on your internet, and make the internet run much faster. The technology world is growing rapidly. It has great computer support and tech support. Microsoft is coming up with new and improved ways to handle information. Business computer services are becoming larger, and upgrade regularly. Why settle for something okay, when you can have something great.

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