iPhone and iPad updates

iPhone and iPad updates

Well my friends, the rumor mills are alive and well for the next round of apple products.  From the iPhone 6, that should be released later this year, to the new iPad, which could also see the light of day later this year.

Speculation abounds as to what will happen with the next generation devices.  For one, there have been a few leaks showing that Apple is targeting multitasking with the latest iPad and the latest version of iOS (8 should launch probably the same time as the new devices do.  Unfortunately, that will still keep them behind the ball when compared to the Microsoft Surface tablets.

With the ability to have Windows (full versions of windows) on a tablet your tablet can become the laptop replacement you wanted when you bought your iPad.  Sure its true that the iPad has a much bigger following than do the Microsoft tablets, but the support on those is mostly for apps, and allow you to use it as a companion to the other devices you have.

I have an iPad and i use it everyday, but not much for work (aside from its job as my 7th monitor at my desk) it really lets me check in on facebook, play a few games, and video chat with others, it really just doesn’t have the hardware or capabilities of a laptop or desktop computer.  I believe the iPad is a fantastic screen to have and i wouldn’t trade mine because of the app support, but my laptop is also a Windows 8.1 Tablet, and its FANTASTIC.

It would seem the reports that the PC is dead are far from the truth, and with Microsoft ever improving windows 8.1 it seems that the PC is making a full fledged comeback.  I, for one, am thrilled with the endless possibilities in our future.



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