End of the iPad era?

End of iPad

Some interesting statistics about iPad sales have been showing up recently leading a lot off people to think that it may be the end of the iPad era, which could come as no surprise with the amount of competition and other options hitting the market lately.

Many of you may have noticed that seeing someone using an iPod MP3 player is pretty rare.  They have just about died out now that seemingly every other electronic device can now play and even stream music.  Well looking at the sales statistics of iPods when they first started to die out is almost exactly the same as what the statistics for the iPad are looking like right now.

Tablets are everywhere, and not only is Apple getting a ton of competition from Android tablets (which are usually cheaper), but now they are starting to see a whole new competitor with the wave of new devices coming out such as the Microsoft Surface Pro and  the ASUS Transformer book that function like tablets yet also run full versions of windows.

We could very well be seeing the last years of the iPad, so keep your eyes open for some new stuff from Apple in order for them to try and get their sales back.  I could definitely see some touchscreen and foldable versions (like the surface pro) of the MacBook or something along those lines coming along shortly.

If you want to see the different graphs and statistics head over to CRN’s website with this Link, and if you have any questions or concerns about anything IT related just give us a call at SOS Support, your IT support in Salt Lake City, UT!




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