Clean the Clutter in Your Inbox the Easy Way!

Clean Out Your Inbox

Microsoft Office 365 has some powerful tools that we often overlook or don’t even know about, and they have just released another one that could be extremely useful for a lot small business owners and employees.

The majority of us use Microsoft Outlook, either the program or the web interface, for our work e-mail and calendar.  Recently Microsoft released a new “Clutter” feature for both versions of Outlook.

Many of us have subscriptions to different websites for everything from updates on news to the sales happening at different websites.  Some of you probably get 30+ e-mails per day and a large amount of them aren’t important to your work.  Just like a messy desk or other distractions, these e-mails can get in the way and make you lose focus on your work.

The new clutter feature adds a new folder to your Outlook, and has a filter that takes all of your non work related e-mails and puts them in this new folder.  This way, when you open your inbox, only your important work e-mails will be in your face calling for your attention, making you more productive!  When you decide you have some spare time or need a break from work you can go to your clutter folder and see check all your non-work related e-mails.

It’s a pretty cool new feature that could benefit a lot of us!  To learn how to set it up and clean your cluttered mailbox, check out the instructions found here.

If the instructions aren’t clear, or you need help with anything at all, just contact SOS Support, your IT specialists in Salt Lake City Utah!



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