IT Support IT Consultant Tony Yraguen

Tony Yraguen, SOS Support Question and Answers

Meet the Team: Tomy Yraguen

This week, we are blogging about Tony Yraguen, a great business partner and example.

IT Support IT Consultant Tony Yraguen

Meet the Team – Tony Yraguen

Meet the team! Tony Yraguen is awesome! He is very thoughtful, easy to talk too, definitely a people person. Everyone loves Tony! He makes everyone smile and laugh and is fun to work with always bringing out the excitement. He is also a very hard worker. Tony doesn’t quit until things are done right. He is honest, and always puts forth his best work. Tony has helped SOS Support so much!

Q: What is your job position with SOS Support? – I help oversee the Company Processes and help with Sales and Marketing

Q: What do you do? – “I am creating a campaign to further the business development development of the systems within the company.”

Q: What are you trying to accomplish? – “I am going to establish a marketing presence for SOS Support.”

Q: How many companies have you helped? – “I have helped over 40 companies in one aspect or another.”

Q: How many businesses have you owned or been partner of? – “8”

Q: Why is it important to have someone like you? – “I look outside the box- out of the norm. I grow the marketing process and systems through networking and social media. But I also understand the value of our current client relationships and that should always come first.”

Q: What is your biggest accomplishment in work? – “I’ve grown multiple companies to a size to support dozens of employees and provide jobs and stability for a lot of great people.”

Q: What is your biggest accomplishment out of work? – “My 3 kids and amazing wife. They all teach me more then I teach them.”

Q: What is the most important fact about yourself? – “I am a people person.”

Q: How would you describe your work style? – “Casual and laid back but I will get my hands dirty if I need to.”

Q: What are your life long dreams? – “Financial independence, and to give value to people that want it and need it.”

Q: What do you like most about your job? – “I like to see businesses grow and find satisfaction in goals.”

Q: What college did you go to? – “University of Phoenix, and Salt Lake Community College. I earned my degree in marketing as well as computer information systems.”

Q: How old were you when you started your first job? – “13- I was a janitor for Jordan School District.”



Learn more about Tony by clicking here to go his meet the team page


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