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Josh Cottrell

Meet the Team: Josh Cottrell

This week, I have the honor of writing about my wonderful associates, and examples in my life.

IT Support Utah

Josh Cottrell IT Technician SOS Support

Meet the team! Josh Cottrell keeps us on our toes. He is a hard worker who goes above and beyond what is asked of him. He loves to joke around and keep things light, making everyone smile and laugh. He is notorious for trying to scare the office employees. He is intelligent, and passionate about the work he does. He has great value to this team!

Q:What is the name of your position? – IT Technician

Q:What do you do? – “I fix computers and networks. I fix what needs to be fixed.”

Q:What do you most like about this company? –  “I like its forward way of thinking.”

Q:What are you most proud of? – “The attention we give our clients.”

Q:What do you most like doing outside of work? – “Video games!”

Q:Where do you ultimately want to go in this company? – “I want to be a level 3 technician”

Q:What are your life long dreams? – “The typical answer, Married, have my own family, and stay financially secure.”

Q:What is your biggest achievement within this company? – “I have gained knowledge and skill within the company.”

Q:Outside of this company? – “Recently engaged to my bride to be Emily!”

Q:What do you most like about your job? – “I get to solve problems.”

Q:Why did you decide to apply for this job? – “I applied because of my love for computers.”

Q:What are the most important facts about yourself? – “I am responsible, positive, I love people, intelligent, and I am a problem solver. I look at problems like a puzzle and love to figure them out.”

Q:Why is it important to have someone like you? – “I am important because I love to solve problems, and I stick to it. I never give up!”

Q:How old were you when you got your first job? –  “I was 15, and I worked for Alpine Medical Records as an office staff member.”

Q:Is there anything you would change about the company? – “I would not change anything. I love the improvements that are already happening.”

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