Happy Birthday Jason Kidman!

Happy Birthday Jason Kidman!

Kidman Family

Jason & Shannon with Carter, Cambri, Delaney and (unborn) Baylor

This blog is a special Happy Birthday Jason blog! SOS Support has a wonderful team! Not all of the members are always seen. Shannon Kidman, Jason’s wife, is an integral part of SOS. She is an incredible person, funny, loving, and always knows how to cheer you up. She can also be the fire to light some things into action! She may not be in the office full time, but Shannon works very hard. She is a supportive and always encourages us to do our best.

Today is Jason’s birthday. For his birthday, we interviewed Shannon and his kids.

Q: How do you feel about Jason owning his own company? – “It’s fun to watch the business grow, and to see his accomplishments.”

Q: Is it hard for your family being business owners? – “It is very hard, but it creates lots of adventures!”

Q: What is your favorite thing about Jason? – “He is a very hard worker.”

Q: What is your favorite memory of dating him? – “We went boating a lot. We love boating.”

Q: How long have you been married? – “We have been married for 12 years, since 2003.”

Q: What do you most admire about him? – “I admire his work ethic. He is also very compassionate and understanding.”

Q: Why did you choose him? – “He balances me and we fit each other.”

Q: What is your favorite wedding memory? – “My favorite memory of our wedding day is being at the LDS temple together.”

Q: What is the best thing he has done for you? – “For my 30th birthday, he surprised me with a trip to Disney Land. He blindfolded me and had a bag packed. Drove me to the airport where all my siblings where waiting for me!”

Q: What do you respect most about him? – “He is the leader of our family.”

Q: What would you say his biggest accomplishment is? – “Our family, and SOS Support.”

Q: What is one thing everyone should know about him? – “How much he cares about other people.”

Q: What is the Kidman’s favorite family vacation? – “Boating trips to Lake Powell.”

Q: What is a funny fact to share on our Happy Birthday Jason day? – “He tries to speak British like his son Carter who has mastered it from Minecraft videos. But Jason isn’t very good. Carter is exceptional!”

Comments from the family:

“I’m as lucky as can be, The worlds greatest dad belongs to me!”

“We love you! Hope you have a stupendous day!!”

Here are some pictures of what we did to his office on his birthday! Happy Birthday Jason!

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