Why You Should Make the Switch to a VoIP Phone System

VoIP Phone System

Yesterday we posted a blog about remote workers and how to support them efficiently.  One of the biggest ways to help our remote workers really feel like part of the company is getting them in on our phone systems, and the way to do that is VoIP.

VoIP stands for Voice-over-Internet Protocol.  Essentially it is a phone system without all the wires running through your office.  Everything is over the internet, making it easy to move your phone system anywhere you need to go without paying someone to come and install everything.

Helping out remote workers isn’t the only reason to switch your phone system over to VoIP.  Technology Resource Insider recently came out with a list of the 10 biggest reasons you should switch to a VoIP phone system.  We’re not gonna pull out the whole list, but we’ll sum up the most important parts for you.

Expenses –

Because there is no PBX equipment involved to connect all your office phones together, there is no need to have expensive equipment installed and maintained.  You never have to have anything physically upgraded (except maybe your actual phones) because the system can be easily kept up to date through the internet.

Most VoIP systems offer a pay as you go model, making them more convenient and less risky, not to mention they’re far cheaper than traditional phone systems to begin with.  It’s also much more flexible and can easily be expanded with your company as you grow.

Convenience and Mobility-

Every feature of your entire phone system can be accessed from anywhere.  You do not need to be at your office in order to make a business call from your a office number.  You can redirect calls and change messages on your phone system from your home computer.  Not only that, but you can access your business phone system through an app on your cell phone.

This mobility is what makes VoIP so attractive for anyone who has remote workers as part of their company.  No matter where your workers are located they can have the same exact phone system as they would if they were in your office.


All around, VoIP is the best option for any business in need of a phone system.  The only difficult part is deciding what VoIP provider to go through.  Here as SOS Support we have been using VoIP for a while and couldn’t be happier.  We now proudly offer the same service that we use to our clients.  It is easy to set up and all around it’s a great option for VoIP.  If you’re ready to make the switch just give us a call and we’ll give you all of the details and the help you need to make the switch happen!




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