Stay Safe with SonicWALL

Stay Safe with SonicWALL

Have you ever stopped and wondered what it would be like to lose all your computer memory? To have someone steal all your hard work and memories? Your pictures, your files, your documents, your hard work! Security is good for many reasons, but computer security saves jobs. SOS Support does many kinds of security; Business computer security, Network security, and IT security. We protect certain files, and block suspicious activity.

SOS Support has many great partners. Sonicwall, an IT enterprise security company, is one of them. Sonicwall is known to dynamically secure, control, and scale their global networks. It plugs into the modem, which turns the phone line to wifi. Everything online passes through the modem, which passes through Sonicwall. Sonicwall then goes to work. They pick through websites, and block things that could be dangerous or harmful. Sonicwall keeps your computer up and running safely.




Sonicwall first came out in 1992, and has been up and running ever since. The retired CEO and co-founder of Sonicwall is Sreekanth Ravi. He has been a huge help to the company. He earned his Bachelor of science degree, at University of Illinois. He lead the company through a successful IPO in 1999. He was interviewed by Larry Greenemeier. Larry said, “Coming off the success of his previous company, Internet security provider SonicWall, this serial entrepreneur launched Code Green Networks in 2004 to focus on content security and regulatory compliance.”

The founder of Sonicwall, Sudhakar Ravi, the older brother of the two; decided to continue his education. He received his master of science degree in computer science from Stanford University. In February of 1991, both brothers came together to find Sonicwall’s first incarnation. He was 26 years old, his brother 25. In 1995, the financials recorded record-high totals for Sonic Systems as an Ethernet-based Company.

Today, DELL Inc. runs the company. John Swainson, the president, says, “Customers who are looking for simplified and comprehensive security solutions will benefit from the addition of SonicWALL to our software portfolio. The combination of SonicWALL with Dell’s existing security offerings and broad market reach will help customers securely manage their data, securely manage consumer devices being brought into their enterprise, and securely expand their applications to the cloud.”

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