Just a Reminder: Smartphone Security

Just a Reminder: Smartphone Security

More and more of us are using our smartphones and tablets more frequently for work.  The amount of important data and documents carried or sent with these devices is quite stunning when you really start to think about it!

The more we use these devices, the more careful we need to be with them!  All of these devices are so new compared to “old fashioned” desktops and laptops, and because of that their security just isn’t as evolved and strong.

More than anything we just wanted to remind everyone out there to be careful!  Know whats on your devices and know what networks you are connecting to!

Reports of hackers getting into these devices are growing more and more common, so we just want all of you out there to keep your data safe!  Here at SOS Support, your IT support specialists, we want the very best for your small business!



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