New Cyber Security Threats

New Year New Cyber Threats. What To Worry About in 2018

New Cyber Security Threats

New Cyber Security Threats Coming Your Way

2018 has arrived and with it are new possibilities and opportunities. We know that 2017 was a year that cybersecurity threats were at an all-time high. Phishing scams and ransomware like Wannacry wreaked havoc on businesses all over the world. What will 2018 hold?  Here is a breakdown of what the predictions are for 2018 and what new cybersecurity threats your business needs to worry about.

6 New Threats For 2018

  1. Password Enhancements
    • The future of the traditional password will look different by the end of 2018. Hackers have become too skilled at collecting traditional passwords by using sophisticated password cracking software. You will see things like biometrics (fingerprints and retina scans) being used more frequently to counter this. The plus side, one less password you need to remember!
  2. IoT Hacks
    • Your company’s computer systems can be protected with the best firewall’s out there but many employees and CEO’s also work on their phones or tablets. It offers flexibility, especially while traveling. The problem is these systems are not as protected and hackers know that. It would be a good time to talk to your IT support company about the risks of working on IoT devices.
  3. Ransomware Will Be Worse
    1. Given how successful ransomware attacks were last year, we can predict that this won’t be the last of them and that this year will see an increase as more hackers try to cash in on company and government weaknesses.
  4. GDPR will fall short
    1. GDPR comes into effect this year, despite this regulation, it is predicted that only 10% of companies will be ready. It is also believed that attackers will run digital extortion campaigns and use ransomware to threaten non-GDPR compliant companies “as attackers seek to capitalize on a potential fear of large fines.”  Now would be a good time to speak with your IT company to ensure you will not fall into this category.
  5. Artificial Intelligence
    1. AI is here and it is here to stay. As machines start to learn we can expect that there will be some growing pains along the way. It is good to be an early adopter of technology but we have yet to fully understand the issues that can arise with heavy use of AI. 2018 will certainly start to reveal some of these issues.
  6. Data Breaches Will Increase
    1. Companies like Equifax were hit hard with data breaches last year. Experts are predicting that data breaches will continue and will increase to areas such as travel where booking information such as passport numbers are available.


There you have it! These are a few things that you can speak to your IT professional about and get ahead of these threats in 2018. For a consultation call SOS Support to speak with one of our cybersecurity experts.


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