How to keep your data safe- SOS Offsite Backup

Keep Your Data Safe

Statistics show that 70% of business companies go out of business within 2 years of losing data. Companies without security are at a higher risk of losing their company, than companies with security. 

Everyone hates looking for new stuff they don’t really want. No one really wants to buy insurance, no one really wants to buy a server, and no one really wants to buy the software. When it comes to business, everything we buy has a purpose. Whether it’s for protection or for comfort, security is an integral part of a company’s function. SOS Offsite Backup is one of our highly recommended forms of data security. It is a great program for all businesses, big and small alike.

In an office, every computer has a desktop full of information: some important and some trash. When files are full of private information, they need to be protected. With SOS Offsite Backup, we setup a custom tailored backup solution for each client including Local encrypted backup and dependable Offsite cloud backup. This solution is affordable for businesses of any size.

The local drive keeps the files you want to be secured. You can still access them, but others cannot. SOS Offsite backup sends them away. If the backups need accessed, they can be downloaded back onto your system. Our recommended solution would be a three level backup solution. 1. Data is stored on your local Server with a multiple hard drive (RAID) self-redundant.  2. Onsite backup for a full system backup of the Server and 3. Offsite Backup of mission critical files.  We call this triple redundancy.

SOS Support has a great Offsite Cloud Backup program. Our IT specialists recommend backing up all mission critical files to the cloud for multiple redundancy. We are a great company, with great connections. We are a Business to Business IT support and backup specialist. It is important and necessary to keep important information safe. Everyone is happy and protected when information is safe.

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